Employment Law

Attorneys in the Employment Law practice at Dorf & Nelson have over 40 years combined experience delivering creative and cost-effective solutions that meet each client’s unique employment law needs.

Dorf & Nelson is a trusted advisor to employers, counseling on employment law best practices, negotiating settlements and employment agreements, drafting and reviewing essential employment documentation, and, when necessary, litigating employment matters on a wide range of federal, state and local employment law claims.

Employer Related Practice Areas

Dorf & Nelson’s strategy is to protect and defend employers from the myriad of employment law issues that have a direct impact on an employer’s bottom line, culture and vision. We provide a comprehensive array of advisory, drafting and litigation defense services in the employer defense, employee management and termination sectors to implement that strategy including:

  • Discrimination, Hostile Work Environment, and Retaliation Avoidance and Defense.
  • Wage and Hour Compliance and Defense (including Employee Classification Review and Single Plaintiff and Class and Collective Action Wage and Hour Claim Defense).
  • Requests for Leave, Religious and Disability Accommodation Compliance and Defense.
  • New York State Department of Labor Audit Defense.
  • Whistleblower Claim Defense.
  • Employment Audits (Comprehensive Analysis of Employer’s Exposure to Employment Law Violations with an Emphasis on Correction and Litigation Avoidance.)

  • Executive Employment Agreement, Offer Letter, and Consultation Agreement Drafting and Review;
  • Severance and Release Agreement Drafting and Review.
  • Restrictive Covenant (Non-Compete/Non-Solicitation Agreement) Drafting, Review and Defense Litigation.
  • Lawful Hiring Procedure Development and Review.
  • Employee Handbook/Manual Drafting and Review.
  • Workplace Harassment and Discrimination Avoidance Training (Executives, Management Teams and Individual Employees).
  • Employee Grievance Procedure Development and Review.
  • Employee Complaint Investigations.
  • Performance Evaluation Drafting and Review.

  • Reduction In Force Consultation (including Drafting Objective Termination Criteria and Business Case Rational Documentation, and Adverse Impact Analysis).
  • Employee Termination Consultation (including Termination Notice, Final Paycheck, WARN Act, COBRA, and Sick Leave Compliance, Defamation Avoidance, Termination Meeting Best Practices).

A company’s focus should be on its future and Dorf & Nelson is committed to ensuring that an employer’s bottom line, culture and vision are not compromised by costly employment law issues or needless litigation.



Employee Agreement Practice

Dorf & Nelson is in a unique position to resolve the financial and legal issues that arise when executives and professionals exit or enter employment or choose to provide consultation services. Our in-depth understanding of the employer mindset allows us to create a viable and effective pathway for us to achieve our client’s goals. Our employment agreement services include:

  • Employment Agreement Drafting, Review and Negotiation.
  • Severance and Release Agreement Drafting, Review and Negotiation.
  • Complex Consultation Agreement Drafting, Review and Negotiation.
  • Restrictive Covenant (Non-Compete/Non-Solicitation Agreement) Provision Drafting, Enforceability Review, and Negotiation.
  • Offer Letter Drafting, Review and Negotiation.
  • Negotiation Consultation (often times the best path to success is to provide an individual with a negotiation strategy to resolve compensation, severance package or agreement provision disputes directly with the employer or former employer. Our in-depth relationships with employers allow us to provide an individual with the strategies for this effective negotiation approach.)