Clients Have Been Asking
  • Are my outside salespersons exempt from overtime if they can only sell over the phone from their homes?
  • If our employees working from home are outside New York, is the Company subject to the laws and regulations of their home states?
  • Does the Coronavirus Pandemic change the rights and obligations under our contracts?
  • If I have an invention that is the basis for a new business, which should I do first: go to the Patent Office or form my company?
  • If I have limited funds to spend protecting my intellectual property, what should I do first?
  • Has the March deadline for the Shield Act been extended?
  • Has the IRS extended the filing deadline for 990’s ?
While we are apart, we continue to work together. If you are confronting these or other questions, we are here to help.
Andrew P. Marks, Employment
David S. Warner, Employment
Jonathan B. Nelson, Litigation
Scott D. Locke, Intellectual Property
Daniel R. Alcott, Not-for-Profit
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