Melissa G. Andrieux, Esq.

Chief Diversity Officer
Chief Client Relations Officer

Melissa G. Andrieux, Esq. is the Chief Diversity Officer and Chief Client Relations Officer at Dorf & Nelson LLP.

As a leading Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Professional, Ms. Andrieux is regularly called upon to speak on this important subject.  She was recently featured in 914 Inc. Magazine in an issue devoted to diversity, equity and inclusion where she discusses the importance of DEI in Westchester County and beyond.   Most recently her features include:

Panelist, ChIPs Global Summit “Access, Equity and Allies” presented by ChIPs (2022)
Panelist, “How Employers Have Implemented New Opportunities in DEI… and the Challenges that Remain” presented by the Business Council of Westchester (2022)
Panelist, “Year One, Erin Bagwell and Frank Schaeffer Live In Conversation” presented by Gender Fair, The Balance Dilemma and HeyMama (2022)
Guest Speaker, “To the Point: Advancing Women in Tech, Law & Policy”, presented by ChIPs (LinkedIn Live August 25, 2022)
Panelist, “Conversations That Matter: Growing Your Business Through Insightful & Persuasive Business Development Strategies” (2022)

Ms. Andrieux is active in the Westchester County business community and is an active part of the Business Council of Westchester (BCW), the county’s largest business membership organization.  She presently serves as an Ambassador to the BCW where she assists and guides new members through the first year of their membership.

Ms. Andrieux received her B.S. from St. John’s University and her J.D. from New York Law School. Prior to joining Dorf & Nelson, Ms. Andrieux was an Assistant District Attorney in Queens County, New York and an attorney at Martin Clearwater & Bell LLP.

For speaking engagements, please contact Ms. Petronella Ouko, the firm’s Client Relations Coordinator,  at