Petronella Ouko

Client Relations Coordinator

Petronella A.W. Ouko is the Client Relations Coordinator at Dorf & Nelson LLP and Vice Chair of the firm’s Diversity & Inclusion Council.  Ms. Ouko works closely with Melissa Andrieux, the firm’s Chief Diversity Officer and Chief Client Relations Officer, on our diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) initiatives, and coordinates the external DEI initiatives and activities in which the firm participates. Ms. Ouko focuses on building, maintaining and strengthening the firm’s relationship with existing, new, and potential clients and works on marketing and business development strategies for the firm.

Prior to joining Dorf & Nelson, Ms. Ouko practiced law in Kenya where she gained valuable experience working in government institutions handling civil matters. She also has experience working in an administrative capacity where her focus was on office management, building relationships with clients, and legal research.

Ms. Ouko graduated from The University of Nairobi School of Law and Kenya Methodist University with a Diploma in Business Administration