We are a Firm with a firm belief in the value of diversity.

We foster a firm wide culture of diversity and inclusion regardless of age, race, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, religion or national origin.  We appreciate the value our team members bring and respect their distinct perspectives by maintaining a collaborative workplace which in turn drives our success.

Getting Involved

Our community work allows us to be more connected with our world. Whether it is through volunteering at the Westchester Food Bank, donating toys for  those less fortunate, or representing other not-for-profits in their mission to make a difference.

Blind Interviewing

What is blind interviewing?  Blind interviewing is the practice of removing personally identifiable information such as race, gender, and age from the resumes of applicants prior to inviting candidates to meet us.  At Dorf & Nelson LLP, we practice blind interviewing in order to assure that everyone has an equal opportunity in the application process and that no discriminatory bias takes place.  Our only goal is to foster an environment that is conducive to attracting the best talent.

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We are a responsible, compliant, and proactive business with the goal of meeting the highest standards of ethics and professionalism.