Andrew P. Marks, Esq.
Practice Head

Sexual Harassment Training

We provide a solid ethical and legal framework to create an effective business culture. We train personnel, across the entire company hierarchy, how to identify, respond to and prevent inappropriate business and personal conduct to better protect a company’s business, employee culture and reputation.

Our business ethics training requires separate training of management and rank and file employees. This separation creates an openness and candor that otherwise may not exist if the two groups were together. Additionally, this dual track allows our team to tailor training content to the topics and issues that directly affect the different levels of company personnel.

Labor & Employment Practice

 Our labor and employment attorneys have over 40 years combined experience delivering creative and cost effective solutions to labor and employment law issues.

Much of the guidance we furnish clients is designed to avoid problems and minimize exposure.  Our approach begins with learning your business to create appropriate policies and procedures designed to limit litigation, including the drafting of handbooks, employment contracts and separation agreements, conducting internal investigations and training supervisors and staff on harassment, discrimination, discharge and discipline.  When the inevitable dispute arises, our attorneys effectively and efficiently represent client interests, in state or federal court, at arbitration or mediation, or before administrative agencies such as the Division of Human Rights and the National Labor Relations Board.  Our attorneys have a record of success defending employers in an array of cases involving wage and hour issues; employment discrimination, unfair competition and trade secrets; and union organization and collective bargaining.