John L.A. Lyddane, Esq. Latest New York Law Journal Column “The Notice to Admit and Medical Malpractice Defense”

In his latest New York Law Journal column: The Notice to Admit and Medical Malpractice Defense.  John L.A. Lyddane explores the use of  The notice to admit as a tool, among others, to be used in preparing the defense as Medical Malpractice cases approach resolution. The trial courts will be faced with issues resulting from its use, however infrequently. To download the column click here.

John L.A. Lyddane is the Group Head of the Medical Malpractice Defense Group at Dorf and Nelson, LLP. Mr. Lyddane has over 40 years of experience as a medical malpractice and personal injury defense attorney. In addition, he has briefed and argued cases in the appellate courts including the New York Court of Appeals, and tried close to 300 cases to dismissal or verdict.