Recent advances in the Life Sciences industry have opened the door for inventors to accelerate the rate at which they can find new therapeutic molecules; develop new methods of treatment; to create new systems for delivery; to construct new devices for analytics; and to analyze the genome in ways that will allow both the personalization of medicine and the increase in the ease with which to bring gene therapy to market.  With these technological advancements comes the opportunity for economic rewards.

Among the representative experience possessed by the attorneys at Dorf & Nelson are:

-Developed patent portfolio strategies for biotechnology companies, including those directed to siRNA and SNPs
-Conducted due diligence on patent portfolios that focused on molecular delivery systems
-Litigated patents directed to pharmaceuticals, genotyping, nucleotide synthesis and medical devices
-Counseled medical device companies on issues pertaining to potential allegations of infringement
-Prosecuted hundreds of patents directed to bioinformatics, RNAi, nucleotide sequences, oligonucleotide synthesis, therapeutic molecules and medical devices
-Lectured on the application of intellectual property laws to biotechnology companies
-Assisted antitrust counsel on issues involving disputes over reverse payments to generic pharmaceutical companies