Based on our attorneys’ countless hours of pre-trial and courtroom experience, our areas of service have proven invaluable for the many companies and individuals we have served over the years. Our services include:

-Quantifying and evaluating the risks, costs, and benefits of commencing or vigorously defending litigation
-Exploring alternatives to litigation, when appropriate
-Representing clients in Federal and State courts, before administrative agencies, and in arbitration and mediation proceedings
-Clearly and concisely communicating with clients regarding the status of their litigation
-Representing clients in actions and proceedings spanning diverse subject matters, including: breach of contract; insurance defense; employment matters; service and construction contracts; real estate disputes; trademark, trade dress, copyright infringement, unfair competition and licensing issues; breach of warranty; fraud and negligence.

Our litigation team represents clients facing a vast spectrum of corporate and commercial disputes in today’s complicated world of national and international commerce. We represent business clients in all manner of actions. These include: contract, insurance defense, Uniform Commercial Code issues, business torts, fraud, antitrust claims, corporate and shareholder disputes, confidentiality and non-competition disputes, and collection actions and enforcement of judgments. Of equal importance is to counsel clients when to avoid litigation. To that end, we review and analyze the merits of every case to recommend when a matter should be tired in court and when it should be settled out of court.

Whatever the matter, we take pride in providing personalized and individual attention to every client.

We address each client’s concerns with the importance they demand and treat each client with the dignity they deserve. We believe that litigation is just one possible alternative in a process that leads to a prompt, economical and sensible resolution of a dispute. We spend considerable time counseling clients on avoidance of litigation, and we endeavor to seek creative ways to resolve actions as quickly as possible. Our strategy is specifically calibrated to each client’s individual needs, risks and goals, and to the political, economic and social realities of the day.

Our philosophy is that it is imperative to formulate, early in the case, preliminary judgments about the client’s exposure, the likelihood of success and the most cost-effective way to proceed.

Then, together with our clients, we develop the strategies that are optimal to accomplish our client’s legal and business goals. We understand litigation can have a serious impact on a business. It is vital to have capable legal counsel at your side to protect your interests. Our experienced commercial litigation team will give you the counsel you need.

A hallmark of our services is to seek creative and cost-effective ways to resolve as quickly as possible those actions our clients must address. We believe that the key to success lies in working with our clients to best determine which cases should be litigated in court, which should be resolved in some alternative forum as well as which matters can and should be settled. Recognizing that the term “success” is defined by the client, we strive to achieve a successful resolution through a creative mix of litigation and business skills. At Dorf & Nelson, we stress excellence in advocacy, efficiency in staffing, early resolution of litigation and the use of state-of-the-art technology in servicing client needs.