Daniel R. Alcott, Esq
Chair, Not for Profit Department


Adriana Kierszenbaum, Esq.

Jamie Spence 

The Not for Profit Department serves as a voice for nonprofit organizations, religious organizations, and closely held businesses throughout the United States and Internationally. Our mission is to offer innovative legal solutions to our clients, enabling them to improve the world through programs that benefit society. The group’s motto “counsel for your cause” underscores our vision for the partnerships we have with our clients, guiding them in the fulfillment of their goals and objectives.

We  represent charities, foundations, and churches on all legal matters, including real estate transactions, corporate governance, contract drafting and review, and state and federal court litigation. We also advise startup corporations and limited liability companies regarding entity formation, organizational structure, and raising capital, as well as provide counsel with respect to business operations and commercial transactions.

Practice Areas:

The Dorf and Nelson Not for Profit Department specializes in providing a broad range of legal services to individuals, corporations, limited liability companies, and nonprofit, tax-exempt organizations incorporated primarily in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Delaware. We advise public charities, private foundations, trade associations, US based “friends of” organizations, museums, social clubs, religious organizations/churches, corporate sponsors, and professional fundraisers on matters that affect the nonprofit community.

We are typically engaged as outside “General Counsel” for our clients, handling a variety of legal issues including but not limited to litigation, contracts, intellectual property, corporate governance, any type of business transaction, and real estate.