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Commercial Litigation Group

Our Commercial Litigation attorneys are skilled in business dispute litigation, have a wide-range of experience and can assist in most every type of dispute that can arise in a business context.


Our Commercial Litigation attorneys are skilled in business dispute litigation, have a wide-range of experience and can assist in many different types disputes that can arise in a business context, including breach of contract matters, intellectual property issues, partnership and joint venture disputes, breach of fiduciary duty allegations, and shareholder issues.

The Commercial Litigation team represents public and closely held corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies, real estate developers, business owners, executives, contractors, subcontractors, property owners, insurance companies, municipalities and banks in a wide variety of matters. The firm is also frequently asked to provide counseling to its clients to avoid litigation from the onset. In this regard, our attorneys are well experienced in arbitration, mediation and other forms of alternative dispute resolutions.


Our litigation team helps our clients successfully resolve a wide range of disputes efficiently and effectively. Clients range from developers and builders to owners, landlords, commercial tenants, real estate management companies, institutional investors, lenders, real estate investment trusts (REIT), sponsors of cooperative and condominium plans, contractors and neighborhood groups.

At Dorf & Nelson, we have the pleasure of working with several title insurance companies. We have great success, which we measure in terms of quick and economical resolutions.

Our success also stems from the combination of our vast litigation experience with our real estate department which has closed over one-half a billion dollars of real estate transactions over the last several years. We are regularly confronted with a litany of title issues and financing challenges, and navigating the legal hurdles inherent in multi-million dollar commercial transactions has given Dorf & Nelson a keen insight into the world of real estate litigation.

We have handled many title insurance matters spanning an array of issues including:

• Quiet title actions
• Title defense actions
• Priority issues
• Mechanics liens
• Allegations of mental incompetence of borrower
• Matters involving NY Religious Corporation Law
• Non-recordation of mortgage
• Failure to satisfy prior lien
• Allegations of fraudulent transactions
• Bankruptcy issues
• Corrective deeds
• Boundary disputes
• Adverse possession claims
• Enforceability of covenants


Our attorneys also concentrate in the areas of banking, credit union, real property, bankruptcy and personal property law as well as day-to-day compliance.

At Dorf & Nelson, we distinguish ourselves through our sophisticated approach to these practice areas and our attention to detail that these practice areas demand. We have successfully handled thousands of residential foreclosures for the nation’s leading lenders. Our true success, however, lies in our clients’ trust in us which is a testament to our commitment to unparalleled scrutiny of every matter, ensuring superior results.

Our clients include banks, loan servicers, credit unions, other financial institutions, and individual mortgage holders and investors.

State-of-the-art technology ensures top quality results in a timely fashion.

The firm’s litigation practice utilizes the latest industry timeline tracking systems. The firm has made a significant investment in groundbreaking technology in order to support banking litigation. As a result, we can deliver superior responsiveness and performance as demanded by our client base. Our attorneys and staff continuously track the progress of each case and carefully measure timeline performance in order to ensure a superior product.