Medical Malpractice Defense Department

Our dedicated Medical Malpractice Defense Department has an unsurpassed depth of experience in jury trials of technically complicated liability matters, including professional liability cases and construction-related lawsuits.


  • Grace Alonzo
  • Sandra Genova
  • Denise L. Goglia
  • Pauline Howard
  • Doreen Johns
  • Diane L. Kennedy
  • Elizabeth Peacock
  • Nicholas Sirinakis
  • Carl H. Surpris


Our Medical Malpractice Defense Department approaches the defense of complex cases with an efficient combination of procedures and technology to identify the critical facts upon which the matter will ultimately be resolved.

This focus on the probable case outcome allows for an approach that separates critical information from the massive amounts of data produced when records are retrieved from the electronic medical record systems that have come to replace paper medical records.

The analysis of attorneys and expert witnesses is then applied to a more manageable universe of information, and the repetitive review of materials for attorney tasks is greatly reduced. With an indexing system that allows a focused return of the broader collection of data, changes in the course of the litigation can be accommodated promptly without needless analysis of irrelevant data.

This approach frees attorneys to practice law and spares them from significant time and effort which would otherwise be devoted to low yield tasks.