Title Insurance Litigation Group

With decades of experience in real estate and insurance, we are called upon by title insurance companies on all aspects of coverage and are routinely retained by title insurers to defend the interests of their insureds and the companies themselves in all types of litigation.

At Dorf & Nelson LLP, we have the pleasure of working with the largest title insurance companies in the nation. We have had great success, which we measure in terms of quick, economical resolutions whenever possible.

We look for innovative solutions in advocating for our clients, with the goal of resolving title disputes quickly, efficiently, economically and conclusively.

The group has some of New York’s most experienced title litigators. We have handled hundreds of title insurance matters of the years, spanning an array of issues including:

• Quiet title actions
• Title defense actions
• Priority issues
• Mechanics liens
• Allegations of mental incompetence of borrower
• Matters involving NY Religious Corporation Law
• Non-recordation of mortgage
• Failure to satisfy prior lien
• Allegations of fraudulent transactions
• Bankruptcy issues
• Corrective deeds
• Boundary disputes
• Adverse possession claims
• Enforceability of covenants