At Dorf & Nelson serving the business community is both our privilege and our distinct pleasure.

We serve many corporations, entrepreneurs, family businesses and successful companies as both legal counsel and trusted advisor. Our diverse practice groups bring a comprehensive perspective to our clients’ legal and business matters. It is this strength and our firm’s philosophy – to probe for innovative solutions beyond the obvious legal or business answer – that have proven to be so successful for our clients both in the courtroom and across the negotiating table.

Attesting to our depth of experience and knowledge, many of the firm’s attorneys are recognized leaders in their respective fields. Our attorneys regularly share their insights and advice by serving as guest lecturers and keynote speakers for leading business and professional organizations.  It should come as no surprise that our attorneys are continually enhancing their expertise in their respective fields by attending professional education programs and training throughout the year – at times serving as speakers at these programs. Clients are confident knowing that our attorneys are prepared to advise and respond to new developments in the law that will affect their legal, business and personal matters.

In addition to performance, one final measure of our firm is its character and the manner in which we exhibit respect for the cares and concerns of our clients. Mindful of the cost effectiveness and practicality of the solutions we offer, legal counsel is always weighed in the context of a client’s business environment or personal situation. The finest evidence of this performance and character is our growing list of clients. Dorf & Nelson is proud of its tradition for achieving innovative solutions that exceed the high expectations of service that our clients deserve.


“First, understand the client’s business, then recognize the challenges of the environment in which that business competes. These steps are essential for achieving optimum results and meeting the clients’ expectations.”